Insecurity Will Destroy You

“Insecurity will destroy you.”

I don’t remember where I read this quote but the moment I did my outlook on things immediately changed. I mean not only is it true but it is an excellent piece of advice.
In terms of relationships, one thing I always try to avoid is insecurity. What’s the point of being in a trusting relationship with someone and be filled with doubts and uncertainty? In most relationships insecurity leads to jealousy which is fueled by “stalking”. Yes I said it, stalking. However being that society today is obsessed with technology, traditional stalking has evolved. I’m not saying that stalking still doesn’t occur because in fact it does but it has taken on a more modern form. Social network stalking. Creeping. Or whatever term you want to give it is the new way to ‘check up’ on your significant other. Everyone is doing it and if someone tells you otherwise, I’m almost certain they’re lying. I will argue that ‘stalking’ is in fact healthy because we as humans are very inquisitive beings but at what point does healthy turn into obsessive, that’s when insecurity occurs. Constantly checking his tweets, analyzing all of her FB posts, adding or following boys/girls who constantly engage in a convo with them, hacking pages, sneaking to look at their phone & countless other things. Again I can admit to doing some if not all of the creeping traits but I’ve reached a point where I realized I was only destroying myself and my relationship by continuing to do these. It was becoming sickening, disease like. I had to stop. Make a change not only for myself but my future.
To my fellas and my ladies, the only way to dissolve these insecure feelings is to gain trust, remain honest & keep in constant communication. Without those three things your relationship will be filled with nothing but doubt, lies & constant assumptions. And who wants that? I know I don’t. I made a pact with myself to cut out the doubts and keep my stalking to a minimum with a potential guy and I must say I’m doing excellent in my current situation. Although I can also state that he hasn’t given me any reason to be insecure which is a whole other topic within itself.
Anywho, stay strong! Do not. I repeat do not let insecurities destroy you. You will end up a lonely cat lady or dog man, LOL.

Peace & Love.


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