Updatessssss :)

So ya got me. This post really doesn’t have any updates in it. I just needed a random, eye catching title & that’s the best I could come up with. Corny right? Lol anywaysssss!
Last night was too freaking funny. Since baby sister is finally 21 we hit the town with some mutual friends & went crazy. IDK what it is but every time Erin & I go out we have so much fun. Aside from shots of Patron, loud singing and frequent trips to the potty, we were bothering this poor boy, Jerome was what I called him almost the whole night. We kept trying to put him on one of our friends & he was so geeked that at one point we were actually running from him in the bar…SMH. 2 AM hit & what do ya know he was standing around with us, waiting FOR US to leave so he could follow. OMFG. He followed us up & down the street until we were able to escape but as we were pulling off he seen us & did this death point towards us…scary right!? I think that was Gods way of punishing us for being rude.
Moral of the story: less liquor to stop my outbursts. I call every one & I mean every one Jerome. Lol one day they’re all going to kidnap me & kill me.

Work suckssss, I miss my honey & I was BAD at 5 AM this morning. Hmmmm I need to sleep this off & prepare to do it all over again tonight.

I hope your Saturday is amazing.
Peace & Love πŸ™‚


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