This was not written by me, but I feel like it was written for me. My blog buddy over at, Ced, wrote this and man did it touch my soul. It hits my situation dead on minus the relationship part. But technically a friendship is a relationship…ahh i digress. Ugh I wish the ending advice applied to mine but that’s his decision not mine. Anyway enjoy & check out the site πŸ™‚

We’ve all been in THAT relationship. Yea, I’ll refer it to as THAT relationship. This relationship started out as something that was just so beautiful you never wanted it to end. However, one thing lead to another which in turn made you realize that you were better off without this person. There was a long process that lead to this demise. One full of emotion, sex, curse words, name calling, and concerned friends telling you that you need to leave this person, but you never did.

This in turn leads to the keyword to todays lesson. Baggage. Baggage can be defined simply as “carrying past experiences with a previous lover into a present relationship”. This is an immediate ticking time bomb to the end of a relationship and heres why.

1. Are you ready?
How are you supposed to start something new if you aren’t truly ready to move on. Take some time and get your self together. Because if you don’t, you are going to get hurt and hurt someone who didn’t need to be hurt in the first place. Give yourself time to heal and leave relationships alone. Sometimes it is better to be single and have happiness than just have someone and be miserable.

2. A Fresh Start?
A new relationship is supposed a BRAND NEW opportunity for the next person to prove themselves to you. How will they ever do that if you are constantly being paranoid of what they’re doing because of your last relationship? It is important to give this person a chance. After all, there is a reason why you chose them to be your significant other.

3. Choices
It’s important to realize that nobody has to deal with anything. If it is there choice to leave because of your baggage, then they can do that. Don’t use the excuse that nobody can handle you because you choose to act out foolishly. Read Number 1 again.

We all have some baggage but it’s important where we put it at. We are only supposed to learn from our past experiences. Take the good, forgive the bad, and move on.


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