Ummm yeah. Last night was freakin amazing, crazy, terrible & mad random all in one. First, my court & I found amazing deals at the liquor store and were tore up all night thanks to that. S/o to the wine & rum…yummy. I mean we were drunk in the mall, yeah I know a public place. Drunk at one of my students sweet sixteen party…btw she looked amazing as well as my other students. I miss them all. 😦 next stop was the freaking South Side and that’s when things got hazy, I got separated from my hoes and ended up with my old lova Jensen. And man our walk from one bar to the next was freaking awesome. We talked about everything from wackkkk dick to our love ! Plus we got cornered by these two men who kept telling us we were so beautiful & then some lady walked past and said “black don’t crack” -_- , lmfao.
Buuuut I ended up seeing my ex, yeah. & things were just….yeah. I just remember me telling him how much I missed Ryan…rude right? Lol good lord.
Plus I was drunk texting my night away. Not to mention I was so freaking rude that once I woke up I immediately apologized. I feel terrible. Alcohol brings out my rude side & I hate being rude.
Anywho, I’m just laying here. Laughing at text messages, texting my loves & looking at pictures like I was apart of the Hangover cast or something. I have work in a few hours and maaaan I do NOT feel like going. Yet I’m still I can’t wait to repeat last night. Maybe this time I’ll have a happy ending…naaaaaa. Wait just maybe. πŸ˜‰

Peace & Love!


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