Morning. Supposedly today is the “rapture” so this may be one of my final marks on the digital world…nahhh I doubt it. Only God knows when we will die, not MAN.
Anyway, I lost my challenge of staying off of social networks. Twitter drama sucked me back in, even though I stayed out of it, I just wanted to be nebby. LOL. Even though its back on my phone, I barely tweet. IDK that time away from it made me realize how it is nothing but drama and negativity 80% of the time…oh well.
I have been 80% engrossed with thoughts of what it, why & if onlys. The remaining percent is focused on Miami, food & other things. But anyway why am I making myself do this? As blogged before, I need to shake him out of my system. Ugh, this is so hard. For a moment I felt like I was doing exceptional, but then I would fall right back down. I swear the smallest things trigger memories. Smells, songs, words. SMH man.
I know that no one can just instantly get over someone even though I convince myself that I can, but I didn’t think it would be this difficult. I love the days when I’m feeling great, nothing is going to stop me but then I stop, think & become completely engrossed. Obsessed with memories of the past.
Time will heal all wounds and hopefully I will soon be able to FULLY move on & leave my thoughts exactly where they belong…in the past. As Tupac, my favorite would say, “that’s just the way it is, things will never be the same”.
I’m coping at my own pace & never looking back.

Enjoy your “final” day. Lol
Peace & Love.


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