Monday = Funday

Well morning lovers & friends. Back to work & back to reality. Today should be quite interesting since all three of my bosses will be in late today. Oh joy. So I’m stuck going in early to handle “their jobs”… I really don’t mind because I have a shortened week anyway so I’ll take all the OT I can get. I just honestly hope we don’t get slammed with mail, I’ll seriously cry. Naaaah, I’ll be pissed though.
My weekend was amazing, since we were all supposed to die n shit…lol but overall I had fun. Saturday…rapture day..was a freaking blast. Swear me & the ladies was drunkkkkk damn near the whole day. Hit the club, seen some rude shit…laughed and then it led to drama as usual. Ahhhh who cares, I stayed out the way for that Twitter beef as did the ladies…so not worth it. Did some family time with my son and his father on Sunday. It was fun, he needs to hang with us more often lol. Sunday evening was DRAMA filled. I’m not even going to get into details cause it’s pointless. I just hope this “beef” is done…ate up because I seriously just want to enjoy life without the madness. Shoot don’t get me wrong it is fun but in the end it’s draining & just makes everyone look stupid…something I’m clearly not.

Miami on Thursday & I can’t wait. Fun in the sun…boys & drinkssss! Ahhh this is going to be great. I’m already anticipating some funny stories to blog about so you’ll have been forewarned.

I hope you all enjoy your Monday πŸ™‚









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