Tumblr Steal

Yet another stolen tumblr blog post. Im happy, are you? Enjoy.

You create your own happiness, but in order to be happy you have to left go of negative things that are holding you back. Many people think that a person can make them happy. Other think that material things can make them happy. Some people think that money can make them happy. While others think that love can make them happy. But little do you know the only person or thing that can make you happy is yourself. You have to let go of the situation that you know is holding you back and tell yourself โ€œis it worth?โ€ โ€œWell this bring positivity into my life?โ€ โ€œyes it will!โ€. Stop dwelling on the โ€œwhat ifs?โ€ or โ€œmaybeโ€™sโ€ and move on. Happiness comes from within and shines out. You can only make yourself happy.


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