May 2011 Recap

Well its about that time to recap the month of May. Let me start off by saying this that this month flew by…OMG where did the time go?

Anywhooo lets begin…shall we?

Natural Hair: at the beginning of the month I had decided to get another full sew in for my trip to Miami during Memorial Day weekend, however I fell in love with box braids and had decided to execute the style myself. Perfect right? Yep perfection with a few small mishaps. Lol first I made them really tiny and didn’t want to finish them so I took them out… a few days passed and voila I had finished the perfect sized box braids. I’m so in love with these things man! They are really low maintainance, just what I need at this present time. I will say that I have gotten mixed results…a bunch of positive remarks and then of course the smart negative comments like “poetic justice” & “brandy braids” or just negative opinions in general. But I mean I’M ERRICKA, no one else is. I appreciate the comments but I’ll be damned if they stop me from doing my own thing. I always did and I always will. Quote me, Pittsburgh peeps will soon be sporting box braids.

Friends:  IDK if you read my drama post a few weeks back but yep theres drama in my life but like my mama always says, “drama will follow you everywhere, it’s up to you on how you will react to it” I did succumb to some of the drama and the other half I just chose to overlook and laugh it off with my ladies. Speaking of ladies, it’s shaping up to be quite the summer. We have reunited with some old buds and have been in constant stride ever since. I’m the sure the reconnection with our old friends is tossing a few feathers of the many birds who call Pittsburgh home, but I don’t care. Squeak all you want just make sure you keep it amongst your crew and not anywhere else. Also, I did some traveling with Court and Bri to Miami for Memorial Day weekend but I will touch on that in my next post.

Family: Family is great. May was a TOUGH month birthday wise. Mother’s Day, Madre’s Birthday, Grandads Birthday, Big Bro’s Birthday, amongst others. But all in all my familia is great. Still beautiful, still drama filled but still my family. Oh and Dhani is just becoming such of a spoiled brat…this I already knew but it’s becoming more and more prevalent. That little boy can sell hot water to the Devil. He is that good. SMH Lord please help me, he’s a con artist…an excellent one in fact.

Money: as stated before..birthdays. However I did pretty good with my budgeting and bills this month except for at the end of the month in Miami. I didn’t spend as much as I did last time but I did cut a big chunk out of my savings. Oh well it shall be replaced, SOON. Other than that I’ve been managing my finances like a BIG GIRL. Mommy would be so proud 😀

Last but not least, Love: hmmm my love life has been up & great and then it just crashed and burned in a matter of minutes. I read a couple of my posts I did when it first happened and man was that tough. I could honestly say I was blinded by lust and didn’t correctly prepare myself for that downfall. Would I change anything? Nope because I still was able to encounter a great man who opened my eyes and ears to a lot of things. I appreciate our short time together and wish him nothing but success in his future. As for me, I’m still kicking. I’m loving life, smiling and most importantly loving me. Food For Thought: We accept the love we think we deserve. I’ve come to accept that he & I just weren’t meant to be…I didn’t deserve his love and he didn’t deserve mine.

I think that pretty much sums up May for me. I’m hoping June will be great…nahhhh I know June will be great.

Did May treat you well?

Peace and Love.


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