Time never waits for no man…

i’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to love me again

So my newest ingenious post was inspired by Adele’s ‘I’ll Be Waiting’ from her latest album 21. The question “would you wait for love?” always crosses my mind when i listen to this song. I also read a quote from one of my friends blog that said “the heart wants what the heart wants…” which could go along with the waiting for love topic. I figured I give my two cents about the topic, so hear it goes.

Waiting. The thought of waiting for someone you love, perhaps more than anyone you ever loved before just seems outlandish to me. I just don’t see why you should put your life on hold for that believed to be “special” person when they don’t have a care in the world about your feelings. I just can’t fathom loving the ground someone walks on, the air the breathe, every single thing about them and that not being reciprocated because you are WAITING for them to come around. NO.

Now when I discussed this with my peers, the topic of  a soulmate or the possibility of that person being your soulmate. Now this topic touched  a spot in my heart because of my recent escapade. Waiting for your soulmate. This on paper seems like a great concept but once you really place full thought into this it just seems stupid. Confession:  this thought has actually crossed my mind. But time seems to be the only cure for that because after my initial pain phase, i woke up and realized I was wasting my time dwelling on the unknown and things I couldn’t change.

I understand the power of love and the strength of emotions, but at what point do you realize that playing the waiting game is only wasting your time and not to mention your chance of finding a NEW MAN? IDK about you but I like my odds of finding a new man rather than sitting around and waiting for someone to realize how amazing you are.

Unless you like letting someone control your future than by all means sign up for the waiting game however if you are like me remember put one foot in front of the other and keep it moving because

time never waits for no man…


Peace and Love.


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