I’m gonna give all my secrets away

OMFG, i have seriously been slacking on my blogging and I can only blame one person, MYSELF. Sheesh, so much has transpired as of late. Much of it has been DRAMA, but hey its all how you deal with it right?
But ehhh, my life has been flipped upside down since Dhani’s father came home & not in a bad way. I know I have sworn him off countless of times but its so hard to move on. Now I’m not stating that we are a couple but I’m spending almost all of my free time with him and Dhani. We do have thousands of issues to work out & work on but things right now are just right.
I’m not looking to rush anything right now because usually when I force things, they only seem to blow up in my face. As usual, I will keep you all updated, because I’m sure you are all dying to know how things will turn out.

I think thats all I wanted to blog, I’m working on my ingenious post so stay tuned for that.

Peace & Love.


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