The Inquisition of the Shy Male

My latest project, helping my shy coworker outgrow his shyness and approach women, the CORRECT way. Now by correct, I mean a different way than he does. Humor rules his life so he believes that humor is the solution to everything. Work problems. Life problems. & most importantly relationship problems. Don’t get me wrong he is a great friend but when it comes time for him to approach a female he’s instantly scared, shy & at a loss for words. I just don’t get it. He will hold a conversation for about two seconds and then walk away as if nothing ever happened.
Why you ask? My thoughts exactly. I’m going to attempt to figure out, ‘the man behind the jokes’ because in all actuality he seems really lonely. He always tells me how most of his guy friends are either married or are in relationships and they never seem to have time for him OR how they never want to do the same things as him anymore. Its quite sad, I often hear about people who live to be 90+ and never fall in love or find their “soulmate” & that just seems terrible. I often wonder what went wrong and why was love avoiding them ?
IDK maybe it’s not my place to intervene in his life, but it seems like it shall be an interesting case study. I also don’t know the proper way to conduct this, I’m a scientist at heart but psychology & sociology were never my strong points in college. Oh well, I live to learn and I’m quote sure I will learn a thing or two not only about love & relationships but friendships as well. I’m excited to see how things will transpire.
Wish me luck. πŸ˜‰

Peace & Love.


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