30 Day Challenge…#1

5 ways to win my heart.

1. Food – I absolutely love everything and anything that involves food…however if you happen to make my favorites, banana creme cheesecake & strawberry & banana nigella crepes, I’ll be yours forever.

2. Music – music feeds my soul in a way that food can not. I love all types of music and I’m constantly expanding my library. I don’t necessarily want me & my guy to love the exact same kind of music but we can have similar interests.

3. Spontaneity – Plan things, random things for us to do and I’ll be yours forever.

4. Laughter – my sense of humor is cuh razy so anything that involves laugher will atomically steal my heart.

5. Romance – I’m a hopeless romantic…the end.

Now of course there are other ways to win my heart but I believe these are my top 5. However, I do believe that these can be interchanged with others depending on the guy. I mean isn’t flexibility a huge factor in successful relationships? Do tell.

Peace & Love.


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