Shy Male..Updates

Soooo, observation has been my main focus as of now. & boy has it opened my eyes to a lot of things.

For one, my male friend is truly SHY and when I mean shy, I mean shy. Like its crazy how he instantly retreats when it comes time to interact with prospective females yet when it is just us talking he is like the life of the party. I am stumped. Boggled. Every and anything that has to deal with being perplexed.

I observed his interaction with a female coworker, whom he has been talking about for weeks. “she* looks really pretty today” “i’m going to go talk to her” “she probably has a man, huh?” (* i omitted her name out of respect and privacy) …anywho he goes from confident to insecure and shy. It like he never hopes for the best, just always prepares for the worse, if that makes any sense.

Just the other day, a group of coworkers and I were pumping him up to FINALLY go and hold a DECENT conversation with a woman we seen at the bar. We, his comfort zone, providing him with much support and adoration to help him build up the courage and the strength to go over and talk to this woman. However, as soon as he stepped foot outside of this zone, things went south. We could see the painful conversation that was taking place. Bad jokes, akward moments, the whole nine. IDK what went wrong…or maybe I do.

Excuse my language but , self-esteem is a bitch. how can i get him to believe in himself? should I even intervene because he often states that he is happy being single…is it even my place to speak on his love life? IDK. as stated before, i’m stumped.

Until next time,

peace & LOVE.



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