Protected Summer



Well since I am on my second install of box braids I’ve decided to do a “protective summer”. Which basically means that I will only be executing protective styles all summer. I will most likely continue to do box braids and for my birthday which is in 16 days, I will probably get Sengelese twists which I am super excited for.


As for moisture and protecting my roots, I’m researching different homemade braid sprays and other concotions in order to keep my hair fully moisturized because right now all I am doing is adding oil and doing scalp massages every now and then. -______- I need to stop being so lazy since my hair is in this protective style.


Of course I will document my journey, probably not alot of words lol because I have been super busy lately but lots of lots of pictures OF COURSE.


Lastly, my nappiversary is coming up !! YAY!! I will be 2 years without a relaxer on July 13th & one year fully natural ! Can you say excited? I’m ecstatic that I made it this long because there seriously were times I wanted to give in to the creamy crack until I realized I love my true texture and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Now I know being natural is not for anyone and I would never impose my views on anyone but seriously all black women should embrace what God gave them, atleast once…nahh lol being natural is only for the strong. haha. Just kidding.




Later loves ❀


Peace & Love.


One thought on “Protected Summer

  1. great post. Have a link to a sheabutter recipe if you are interested. Been natural for three years now. Are you in a dry or humid climate? Being in the southwest posses some significantly different challenges.

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