Do You Know What Today Is?


Gahhhh !! So I totally realized what today was. It is my 2 year Nappiversary! To be more specific, I have been without a relaxer for 2 years and its my 1 year anniversary for my Big Chop (BC) ! OMG. I can’t believe I have been natural for 2 full years. Sheesh its been a long time comin’ lol. JK. I wish my hair wasn’t in a protective style so I could take some pictures of my current length. 😦


But nonetheless I have totally enjoyed this journey thus far and can only imagine how much growth I will see on my 3 year anniversary. I will attempt to post pictures from my phone from this last year once I go on break, lol I’m currently blogging from my work computer..shh don’t tell anyone.


But yeah…its my anniversary…anniversary!!


Peace.Love. Nappiness.


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