Package Deal

Recently I read a post on someone’s tumblr that more or less stated “I would date someone with a kid but I wouldn’t wife her” and the girl added that this statement makes complete sense to her. I was completely shocked and at a loss for words. What would possess someone to think this way? Our generation man, I tell ya.

I mean the statement makes absolutely no sense to me. Of course I was immediately offended once I read it. This statement hits home, hard. When I was a single mother, looking for love, I made sure that every person I dated knew about my son and knew that we were a ‘package deal’ and if they couldn’t handle it then I kept it moving. However things have changed and I am back with my sons father but still this statement has me completely confused. Why even waste you or his/her time in trying to start a relationship when you don’t want a family at all? What is the point? Why not be upfront about your plans? Why not inform your potential partner that you are only looking for someone with no baggage? I mean it is not difficult at all. By just communicating you could save tears and heartache not to mention time and energy wasted on someone potential.

UGH ! Seriously this statement has me baffled. I just can’t fathom how people arrive at their logic. I informed my mother on this statement because she too has been through this situation when dating. I believe she completely summed up my thoughts. Here’s what she said, ”

why even waste the woman or man’s time if you know that you don’t want an instant family….but unfortunately some people think like that….and if a person get hurts because they feel that they can CHANGE that person’s mind, then it is all on them….Remember, when a person shows/tells you who they are, you BETTER LISTEN…..Now of course if that person doesn’t tell you up front how they feel, then that is even worst….Just be careful who you pick.

I couldn’t have said that any better. Just be careful who you pick and who you bring around your child. If they aren’t looking to score on that 2 for 1 special then take your business elsewhere.

Thoughts? Comments?

Peace & Love.


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