My Birthdayyyy


Yeahhh my birthday is two days away & my birthday shoes just arrived this morning, however my birthday dress doesn’t FIT in my butt and I even ordered it a size larger than I usually wear which is a 6 and that crap doesn’t fit, WTF? So now I am forced to send it back and search for another dress…HUHHH ! And I really loved that dress it was so freaking beautiful ;(


Anyway doe, I’m still going to make the best of this day despite the dress incident.Plans include, karaoke, clubs, bars, dinner and a yacht ride plus lots and lots of fun with friends, family and my boo thang. I just wanted to make a quick blog becuase I have been slacking on my blogging and again I apologize. My bad guys.


I promise to take millions of pictures for you all. ;D




Plus, I was just informed about the million queens movement that is happening in Miami on Sept. 15-17 and I’m dying to attend. It a movement put on by Kings who appreciate Queens who are involved with the natural hair movement (meeeee, hello). The tickets are 259 for the three day event and I’m really pushing to attend especially since its in Miami, my new second home. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Here’s the website



Have a great Friday.


Peace & Love.


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