A Year of Reflection

Well I’ve been 23 for about 3 days now and I’ve decided to reflect on this past year from 22 to 23. So many things have changed for both better and worse. I’ve been in and out of numerous relationships whether they were friendships or romantic. I’ve grown up, became a better daughter, sister, friend and most importantly mother to the craziest three year old I know.
Looking back on certain situations that took place over this last year and I’m astonished, ashamed & of course proud of the ways I’ve dealt with the good, bad & the ugly. However, I’m ready to grow even more in this 23rd year of life on Earth. I plan to accomplish great things. Not only in my personal life but in my professional life as well.
Hmm, where to start!? First, I plan to become an exceptional mother as my mother was to me. Next, improve my relationship with my sons father and really build together for us as well as our son. Friendships are one of the most valued aspects of my life. I’ve loss plenty of friendships over this pass year, mostly due to my own stubbornness. Sucks but I’m learning to accept my flaws and hopefully will be able to mend some of them. Lastly an improvement in my professional life. Furthering my education is my next goal, along with attempting to find a career in my field. Daunting task I know but I’m determined to make strides in the human services field and that’s what is going to occur.
How will achieve all of these tasks? When will I find the time to complete them all? Who knows? Only time along with perseverance will tell. However a year from now, I plan to blog all about my success.

Until then,
Peace & Love.


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