***The Resilient Black Woman*** Resurrected

This is not my work but I decided to share it with you all because it moved me. The author can be found on Tumblr…neffyfrofro.Tumblr.com Check her out she’s AMAZING!

Peace & Love

Strength is the ability to take a hit, however, resilience is the ability to bounce back from that hit. I think many of you would agree with me in saying that as black women we are very capable, we very skilful and resourceful and most importantly we’re RESILIENT! For hundreds of years we’ve been bouncing back from what the world has thrown at us, we’ve been pillars of our families and communities, providing nourishment and care while making use of the resources available to us.

Sadly this image of the strong resilient black woman is slowly fading. We need to allow ourselves to be vessels of positivity. Our families and communities are hurting and wounded and they need us to bounce back. Being sexy or stylish is cool, however, presenting yourself solely as a sex object and dressing scantily isn’t. Taking pictures with your breast and backside out and placing them on the internet just isn’t cool, it’s degrading and tasteless not to mention that you’re exploiting your body. It cheapens the image of all black women, there’s enough of that in the media already. Our Younger generation can only be uplifted if they have respect for the image and concept of black womanhood.

The black woman is beautiful by nature, allow people to see you for the beauty you naturally have. It is impossible to be become more beautiful than the way you were naturally born. Stop trying to change yourself physically, pay attention to yourself, learn about yourself and be yourself. Let your words flow freely and let them reflect your intelligence!!!! Words are powerful, speak to educate, speak to comfort and to uplift. It’s important to smile and be pleasant; anyone who gazes upon a black woman manifesting her womanhood knows that she is the most beautiful of all.


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