Don’t You Know You’re A Queen?

This goes out to the Queen of Low Self-Esteem. I wish she could wake up and smell the coffee and cream, yeah the ground beans. Cause she has dreams of being beautiful. But she don’t know that she already is. And I know that it’s none of my biz, but I wish, I could offer up some help, because I’m sure this is not good for her health. She has such a poor image of self so she don’t know how to play the cards she was dealt. But this isn’t poker it’s gold fish, but she don’t even notice, that she has all the matches, so she looks for love with her back to the mattress. And she’s such the actress. She never shows it, so you would never know it. She doesn’t think she’s pretty enough, but she’s so much more than that, in fact, her attributes is real cute. She’s into art and real smart but she won’t play the part. She dumbs it down to keep foolish nights around who only want to fool around and take her down to the sewer, spit cow manure to her, so now she has fewer fuel for self esteem, so she don’t even know she’s a Queen.

I wish she could see everything in her that I see. And that she has the capability to be anything that she wants to. But she knows if you’re the nerdy girl then they don’t want you. Unless you do all that they tell you too. Because now it seems that stuck on stupid is the new cool, so she succumbs to the rule, and plays the role of the fool. But you know it hard for them these days in high school. She hoping to make the cheering squad so she can get her pom pom on, and maybe that’ll lead to popular date for prom. Is that so wrong? She’s just looking for a place to belong. I just hope she felt like it was in her own skin. Got these million dollar prizes only wishing to be a ten. So she’s grows to become a fiend to the gleam, and she still doesn’t know that she’s a Queen.


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