Natural Hair Update

I figured since I was attempting a wash n go that I could provide you all with an update on my hairr.
So it’s 2 years and a month in and I’m loving being natural. I still haven’t mastered an exceptional routine but I’m slowly figuring out the products that my hair seems to enjoy.
Anyway doe, I’m attaching pictures of my recent length check. Of course my back is growing like a weed & my bangs are filling in nicely..I just wish my middle would hurry up & GROW!!
But my wash n go turned out amazing…even though it took forever to dry…btw shrinkage must die.. I’m guessing that after a day my hair will more than likely expand.
Um general questions about what products I used and whatnot are as follows…
1. What products did you use? Organix Coconut Milk conditioner and Olive Oil Eco Styler Gel and a denman brush.

2. What steps did you follow? I cowashed my hair with Herbal Essence 3 minute something (lol) and finger detangled and then split my hair into four sections. I applied about a quarter size of the organix to each section and then started grabbing small sections and detangled with the brush and then added the gel and smoothed it through, followed by finger combing.

3. How long did it take? About 45 minutes.

Oh and my hair doesn’t feel like it has any product in it which is a plus πŸ˜€

I’m hoping to experiment with different products as well as a different routine to figure out what works best with my hair.

Peace & Love.












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