So my sons father & I have been communicating about his lack of parenting & I think it’s knocking some sense in his brain. Because he opened up about why he was being so distant. It’s mainly due to his absence and him not wanting to fail. IDK why he doesn’t realize my son adores him NO MATTER WHAT but I reminded him that if he continues to play this yoyo game then he’s gonna grow tired of it all and just go about his own way.

I’m giving him his space for now, I know he means better but is just caught up in the moment right now. I’m hoping I’m not putting too much faith in him only for it to blow up in my face…ugh! As for him and I, I will always love that man because of our history. He’s my first love & ya know what they say about those right!? *crickets* lol yeah idk either but space IS what is needed for now. Hopefully things get better and we can put this behind us…if not, oh well life goes on & ON.

As for Phoenix things are looking promising. I’m grateful I have an uncle who lives out there and is allowing me to use his address for my resume.. πŸ˜€
Now to keep my fingers tightly crossed & pray for something great.

Lastly, Dhani’s splint SHOULD be coming off tomorrow, which means back to SCHOOL !! Haha I mean he could’ve been there before but I enjoyed spending time with my pumpkin pie. & my madre is getting married!! I’m so excited for her. She deserves the world & I’m glad someone finally agrees with me.

Better job position begins on Sept. 6th…GOD is GREAT.

Peace & Love.


One thought on “Communication

  1. The great thing is that your able to put your differences aside, and start communicating because of the love you have for your son. Its a mature decision that most (like my parents) never even considered. Kudos!

    And good luck, I know what they say about first loves πŸ˜‰



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