Why hello there!

Hello all!
First off let me say I’m blogging off of my phone & this update is AMAZING. I can do so much more things than before.
Anyway, I just wanted to check in…provide a few updates.
Mommyhood is still surprising me. Not a day goes by that Dhani doesn’t amaze me with his intelligence. I swear he’s the best thing in my life besides family. That is truly my heart in human form. I love that little guy.
As for my love life, I’m truly at a complete standstill. I don’t think I’ve ever been more confused in my life & man let me tell you it’s freaking frustrating and drains me both mentally as well as emotionally.
I really don’t get it. I believe I am a great catch. I would go to the end of the world and back for the person I love. Shoot I often put their needs before mine and yet I still can’t seem to find my one true love. I thought I had previously but now as I look back on things I’m just upset and angered with my heart. She’s so weak in the eyes of my brain and its tough getting them on the same page.
I’m tired of putting my all into someone and only getting nothing back. I truly don’t get it. What am I missing? I know nothing is wrong with me..I take that back no one is perfect but come on. At this moment in time I’m just lost and confused…a sign any sign would be perfect but until then I’m going to just bite my tongue and worry about what’s more important, and that’s Dhani. This love life stuff doesn’t compare with my devotion to him.

Until next time.
Peace and Love.


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