iPhone 4 vs iPhone 4s

So a friend of mine & I were discussing what we liked/disliked about the new iPhone and upon our discussion he voiced that he recently ranted about people saying, “the iPhone 4 isn’t THAT different from the 4s”. So I’d thought I share his thoughts with you’ll.
Enjoy & comment !
Peace and Love. ❤

iPhone 4 vs. iPhone 4S
It seems as though there are TON of arguments over this new iPhone release. Some say they love the phone. Some say “well it’s no different from the iPhone 4. Why should I buy it?”. I understand all these claims. Mainly because of the fact that this new 4S device looks IDENTICAL to its previous 4 model. Let me do the honors in breaking It down.

These two devices are COMPLETELY different. From the antenna system to the processor. To RAM inside. The 4S is, internally, a new product.

What is most alarming to the general claim that “the 4S isn’t THAT much different from the 4” is that, no one denounced the differences from
The 3GS to the 4. I’ll start there. The ONLY hardware differences from the iPhone 3GS to the iPhone 4 are as follows…

1. Completely redesigned casing
2. Faster Processor
3. A4 Chip
4. Front facing camera
5. Improved rear camera

Impressive. But in all actually, the 4S bares MORE upgrades than even that, seemingly, large upgrade. The iPhone 4S, on the other hand, boasts these upgrades

1. Faster Processor
2. A5 Chip (like the iPad 2)
3. Improved Rear and front facing camera
4. Siri (built into the iOS)
5. More Hard Drive space (the option to have 64GB of HD space wasn’t available in the iPhone 4 model)
6. HDMI Mirroring (the ability to mirror your iPhones activity via your HD TV)
7. Drastically improved speaker system.

So all in all, the upgrade from the 4 to 4S was notably more drastic than that of the upgrade from the 3Gs to the iPhone 4. And I’m out…..


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