Water Challenge

Okay okay, I know I recently posted a hair challenge however I recently realized I wasn’t drinking enough water. Im asking you to join me in this water challenge to make sure we’re drinking enough EVERYDAY. I know there is the 8 Γ—8 rule. 8 eight ounce glasses (1.8L). Or you can come up with your own based on weight. Not only does drinking water make you eat less, but its great for hair and nails. Who’s with me?? Every Saturday report how you did for the week. If you start to notice changes in your body, hair, nails, etc report that too!

*UPDATE* I know I haven’t had these yarn twists in for even a week however I greatly miss my hair. Yet I invested much of my time with this install so I shall make these last. I shall update you all on these on Thursday πŸ˜€

Peace & Love.


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