Water Update

So I totally missed my Saturday update but this water challenge is a lot more difficult than I thought.
Wait well let me back up, it’s a lot more difficult once I leave the workplace. As soon as I get home I immediately abandon my water challenge and the same goes for the weekend. On average I’ve been drinking about 35 mL of water a day or just about two bottles of Dasani a day. I’m noticing a slight glow, however it’s only been a week so I’ll give it more time to notice any changes.
*UPDATE* most of my products are just about in and I’m slowly but surely trying them out. As soon as they all arrive I’ll do a big post on al my items and how I plan on using them. Now as for my hair it’s been about two weeks and my hair is growing. I’m debating on keeping these in for about 2 more weeks and then getting me a sew in for the new year. I shall keep you all updated.
Until then I’m watching Love & HipHop and boyyyyy these ladies, shoot girls are crazy!! But I’m guilty for indulging in it.
Peace & Love


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