Water Update 2

Well again I missed my update but I will say I’m getting better at drinking water. I’ve pretty much lowered my amount to about 40 Oz a day until I am able to achieve that I will raise it.
I am noticing a major change in my hair and skin. It’s actually quite shiny (hair) & I’ve received numerous compliments that I’m glowing! *thumbs up* I shall continue with this because I’m digging the effects.
Hmm, I did a ACV rinse on my hair and ummm that mess STINKS..even my BF was questioning the amount I used. However I actually didn’t use a lot (two capfuls to be certain) & then I diluted the heck out of that. Yet, I did notice my hair was squeaky clean and I got major definition for a twist out…*insert update* I took out my yarn twists after I did my week 2 update..oops. Although, I’m staying true to my protective challenge. I have flat twists all over my head & once I take these out I will be “bunning” until I get my sewin πŸ˜€
But I’m all over the place, maybe it’s because it’s past my bedtime.
Anyway, I promise to do a post on my products tomorrow.
Peace & Love.


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