So I decided to combine this update post because I’m too tired to do two of them…lazy right!?
But anyway here it goes:
Water Update
I’m on week three and I’m gaining momentum. I’m averaging about 30 oz a day and I have started to stock up on water bottles for my weekend troubles. I’m looking to invest in a Brita pitcher so I won’t have to keep wasting money on water as well as plastic. I’m noticing major changes, especially in my hair as well as my nails and my skin. Hopefully by the end of January I’ll be drinking 64 oz a day!!!

Protective Style Update
Week: 4
Styles: Twisted Do & Braidout
Products Used: HE Hello Hydration Conditioner, Oyin Whipped Pudding & Shine and Define, Argan Oil, Oyin Honey Hemp Conditioner and of course coconut oil.
Thoughts: first I got 4 days out of my twisted do style, which was excellent however I slacked on keeping my hair moisturized. It was getting kind of dry on my forth day so I took it out and cowashed and did a braidout using the whipped pudding and got major definition as well as my hair is über soft! I love that stuff.

In other news my hair arrived on Monday !!! I’m getting it installed tomorrow by my friend Bridgette. I will definitely do a post about it. It’s amazing already and it’s not even installed.

Have a wonderful holiday!
Peace & Love.











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