Halley’s Curls: Miami Relaxed

OKAY so I totally made a video for you all but for some reason it is not showing up anywhere where I recorded it and I AM FRUSTRATED. I recorded this thing like 3 times. IDK.

But since I am here, here is a protective style update!!

Week: 6 ( I’ve had my sew-in for about 3 weeks)

Style: Full Sew-In

Products Used: HE Hello Hydration and Cantu Shea Leave-In as well as some random oil to seal in moisture.

Thoughts: HMMMMMM….. its week three and I am following in love more and more with this hair despite its one major flaw shedding but in spite of the shedding this hair is amazing. I’m receiving tons of compliments as well as foreign hands are falling in love with this hair wait or should I say my hair. Again I would recommend this hair to anyone looking to mimic 3c hair. I don’t know if I mentioned before but this is virgin Malaysian remy hair, not sure if anyone cares but yeah. Umm, other than that this hair has been good to me as I have been to it. I again plan on keeping this until about mid-february and it will be replaced by another curly install.

Questions? Just ask!

Peace & Love.


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