Julep Maven Box

Okay so my Julep Box arrived two days ago and I figured I share with you all my reactions.

At first I thought 19.99 a month was a little high but after looking over the website and then receiving my products , I’m actually excited because I can totally cut down my visits to Ulta, Target & Sephora for nail polish!!! Winning plus if I want to skip a month I can do it with just a click of a button!

Anywho the colors I received were a top coat, Hayden: a bold and bright neon preach crΓ¨me , Megan: a Mediterranean aquamarine shimmer & Leah: a grass green with a hint of shimmer. I’m so amped because green has been my latest obsession and I’ve received a grass green as well as a greenish blue color this month. I currently have another color on my nails but I plan on taking this off to test out my new polishes. First up: Leah my grass green! Pictures to follow!!

Happy Steeler Sunday!!
Peace & Love ❀



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