Are you a bottom bi***

I found this article from a Curly Nikki link and was excited to share with you all. Read it and comment on what you think.

A Bottom Bitch will always be a Bottom Bitch because she never realizes she was a Bottom Bitch to begin with. In her mind, she’s wifey, always one day away from getting that ring on her finger and a return on that initial investment. Sorry to say but that day will never come. Bottom Bitches aren’t Bonnie’s they’re sponsors. Beyonce was never Jay-Z’s bottom bitch, she wasn’t around to put cars in her name and warm up his cup-o-noodles on those cold winter nights when he came back from hustling. While some other chick was boosting Shawn’s ego and telling him that Fu-Schnickens flow was hot, Beyonce was focused on laying her own strong foundation and achieving her goals. In the end, Jay went for an independent woman with the same ambitions that he had and that sweet naïve girl from 1988 who put her man first became just a distant memory. Bottom Bitches are a necessary evil for men. We all need a pat on the back, good head, and a few dollars when coming of age. For your sacrifice and devotion, he will always have love for you, but that doesn’t mean he was ever in love with you. Real men don’t want enablers they want partners, and that bottom bitch mentality means that you’ll never be equals. No matter how long you’ve been holding him down, what has he brought to the table besides false promises? Regardless of how many times he tells you he loves you, why are you still his girl and not his girlfriend? If you keep settling for the bottom how the fuck are you going to make it to the top?

So thoughts? To check out the post click here:

Peace & Love


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