Week 7 & 8 update :)


The above word totally describes me because I’ve been slacking on my challenge update posts. However I’m two months in to my 6 month challenge and it’s been amazing so far!

Week(s): 7 & 8
Style: Miami Relaxed Full Sew In
Products Used: HE Hello Hydration Conditioner, KBB Sweet Ambrosia Oil, EVOO & Oyin Handmade Honey Dew Leave in condish.
Thoughts: hmm it’s slowly winding down to the allotted time for this install. I believe I’m in week 5 and the shedding is driving me INSANE! Since my hair has been shedding its starting to thin out and it’s slowly losing it “big” look. So after I finish typing this post, this hair is GONE. Overall this was a good install despite the constant shedding. I did in fact email the company but they told me that the only way to avoid major shedding is to deal the weft before installation. Now I have zero clue to what that means so I just pushed on and tried to ignore the shedding. One major plus is that it had very little matt-age (I know that is not a word lol) but normally with curly installs the back mats like crazy but surprisingly this didn’t.
Would I buy this hair again? Hmm maybe if I could find someone on YT who sealed their wefts and experienced little to no shedding.

Julep update: so I totally painted my nails last night with my julep polish and it was the grass green color and OMG I loved the color it’s do vibrant. However, I am very impatient and I was quite tired sooooo I went to sleep and ruined them. I do have a picture but they aren’t as beautiful. Sigh 😦

Anywho I will do another post about my next protective style. I’m currently searching and searching for something quick and easy but that will last for about two weeks…at the most.

Peace & Love!





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