Time apart

I’m almost certain you can deduce from the title of this post what I will be speaking about & if you can’t then umm..I’ll just spell it out.
Yes, my fiancé and myself are on a break. However I’m not sure if fiancé is the correct term to use because I gave my ring back. Why you ask? I was advised that wearing my ring wasn’t necessary. Oh yes you read that correct…not necessary. Although if you ask him, I’m the one in the wrong because I’m not fighting for us.
So like the stubborn and “act first, think later” person I am. I left. Yes, I left and informed him that we were indeed taking a break. This infuriated him like no other and prompted him to say things that hurt like heck, which he quickly apologized for. But still those words cut deep.
Anywho with this time apart I am realizing how much this was needed. I am noticing that I have placed my needs/wants on the back burner and placed all my focus on keeping himhappy rather than myself. Ughhh yes I know, I should never place any man before my needs but I admit I have failed, and it has hindered my progress. On the other hand, I’m noticing my faults and have taken the corrective steps to indeed fix them. YES! Successful progression.
I still have a few important steps to take to continue to remain number one and I think this time apart is very beneficial to obtaining that goal.
Will I ever go back? With time yes, I want him to realize that things need to change in order for us to be a successful relationship. I’m not solely placing the blame on him however I am able to proudly say that I need want help. I want to be able to fully express my needs/wants in a non-violent way. I am so used to getting my way that compromising is such a difficult concept for me to grasp and once I don’t get my way I get upset and verbally abusive. Terrible I know, but I’m not ashamed to admit my faults. I’m setting short and long term goals for myself. Counseling seems like the best way to go about working on myself. So counseling is where I will go. I really want to go to relationship counseling but my significant other doesn’t believe he has a problem, which is a problem in itself.
Yet in still, time apart is much needed! Although I despise sleeping alone, but just like my girl Heather said I need some me time.

Peace & Love


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