Hey there! I’ve been totally neglecting my posts and I’m going to blame it all on this stupid training that had invested so much of my time and energy 😦

But that’s besides the point, I’m here so I will update away.

Hair Challenge: I’m not certain what week I’m on but it’s going great! I’m currently rocking two strand twists that I just pin up and go, which is amazing. I’m only using KBB (Karen’s Body Beautiful) products at the moment and my hair adores it however my wallet doesn’t. Plus I’m noticing substantial growth due to my constant drinking of water!!! I now drink about 4-5 bottles a day (crazy right !?)

Love life: I’m still “separated” from my lover yet our relationship is improving. We are able to discuss things like adults and are getting along much better. I’m happy because I really really really hate sleeping alone.

Lastly we are in the month of February and you know what that means??? Well do ya? It’s DHANI month!! Yes this is definitely one of my favorite times of the year because on the 11th day of this month a little high yellow baby popped out of me and changed my view on life. I plan to spoil my little man this whole month! 4 is an important age ya know.

Oh yeah my baby sister is in Rome and I’m missing her more and more each day! April can’t come soon enough and I can’t wait to touch down in Rome, Italy !!!

Well that completes my updates…life is great, I hope you all are enjoying life as well.

Peace and love ❀







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