Variant Touch of bYOUT: Peruvian Tropic

Hey yall ! So my hair arrived yesterday and I’m uber excited to get it installed. Thursday can not come FAST enough! Anyway I wanted to just give some quick specs regarding the hair as well as how my protective styling challenge is coming along.

Sooo on to the hair…

Name: Peruvian Tropic

Lengths: 20, 18 and 16 (all sealed)

Blurb from her site:

Hair Type: 100% Virgin Peruvian Human Hair

Our Virgin Peruvian hair is directly sourced from the Amazonia regions of Peru and collected from indigenous people of this region. Peruvian hair is quickly becoming most popular types of virgin hair. For all customers aiming for that versatile, luscious, full, luxurious look any of our Peruvian hair can make your hair dreams a reality. Our Peruvian Exotic Tropic hair has a unique combination of curls and waves. This Versatile texture will be sure to turn heads in its natural state or in a more sleek state. In any state the fall pattern of the hair creates effortless movement and outstanding body.

Weft Type: Machine weft

Weight: Approximately 3.6 – 3.8 oz

Color: Dark Brown to light brown (ALL EXTENSIONS CAN BE COLORED)

Luster: Medium to Low

I plan on doing an ombre effect on this hair sometime this week or after its installed. I’m not totally sure when but it will done. I’m thinking of doing maybe a lighter brown, again not too sure. I’m also thinking of doing a center part with some leave out!! Which btw I never do. IDK I will discuss it with my stylist. I’m super excited man!!

Check out my video —>

Next is my update on my protective style challenge. Lets see I know I have been slacking on updating you all but here it is…

Week: 12 going on 13

Style: Twisted updo inspired by FusionofCultures

Products Used: 2 1/2 pack of Marley hair , Eco Styler Gel (Argan oil kind), Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave in ,water and oil mix and hairpins plus needle and thread

Thoughts/Comments: This style is so freaking easy to maintain. I mean all I do is wake up and go. Every other day I spray my water and oil mix and seal with an oil to keep my hair moisturized and protected. Its going on about 10 days with this style and I must say it has def. surved its purpose. I’m almost certain I will be repeating this style AGAIN! Next time I will try and make a how to video.

Welp thats all folks. Until next time.

Peace & Love ❀


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