Variant touch of bYOUt: Peruvian Tropic Initial Review


Hey all !!! Sorry for the late posting regarding my latest install but here it is!!

The above picture is showcasing the hair, on the left is after I ombred it and the right is the original hair. Not the greatest quality of pictures but I shall produce more, I PROMISE!

Anyway, like I stated in my last post, I ordered hair from Variant Touch of bYOUT in the Peruvian Tropic style in a 20, 18 and 16 inch in a natural brown color. I have in a full sew in with a middle invisible part. Now I’m not a personal fan of middle parts because I believe my head is MUCH to BIG for a middle part, but I digress! Uh as for these full sew ins, I’m thinking this shall be the last because I’ve just mastered making U-Part wigs !! Yessss! I’m so excited because I can eliminate paying to get my hair done, even though I may call my stylist from time to time.

….back to the topic at hand. I ombred the hair with Dark n’lovely ( the most blonde color they have). I’m still getting my routine down pack but so far I have noticed this hair likes:

-Herbal Essance conditioners (HH & Totally Twisted; I’m purchasing the one thats specifically for colored hair this weekend and def will review it)

-John Frieda’s Dream Curls; this leaves my curls SOFT, not crunchy and really defines the curls. I normally add this at night after spritzing the curls w/ my homemade braid spritz OR after I wash the hair.

-My homemade braid spritz (aloe vera juice, some cheap condish, water, and EVOO ); this stuff has brought my curls back to life! I normally spray this at night before wrapping my hair and in the morning if needed.

It hates:

-Beautiful Textures or whatever its called from Sally’s (I will get the exact name) that stuff made my curls HARD, even though it defined the curls beautifully. I’m not sure if I used too much product but I won’t attempt it again.

Lastly, I deep condition the hair every Sunday using my Yes to Carrots masque and I wash the hair every Wednesday and another night if need be.

I’m not sure what week I’m on, its either 13 or 14 but I’m loving this protective challenge because before I put this sew-in, in I noticed my hair had grown a good INCH !! I did post my YT video in another post so be sure to check that out!

Hmmm… I’m thinking of doing a giveaway once I reach 20 followers so tell EVERYONE about my blog, puhleeeassseeeee!! Other than that I just ordered some jewelry from a great site and once it gets here I will def share all the info and do a review. Um, I also got some new polish which will be tested tonight AND thats IT.. ❀

Kisha’s Info:!/VariantTouchbYOUt

Oh yeah I almost forgot, she is having MEGA sales during the month of March so check out her FB page to join in on the fun!

Peace & Love


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