OMG!! So I totally have been non existent and I deeply apologize. I have been super busy from work to being a mother to just enjoying life. But anywho, I finally found some downtime during my busy schedule so I figured I’d update you guys.

Hmm… where to begin. Let’s see, my jobs are amazing. I decided to pick up a second job to be able to eliminate my debt at a faster rate. I got hired at Banana Republic, one of my all time favorite stores and not to mention a sister store to GAP!! I was uber excited to learn that I had got hired because I usually spend a good chunk of my money in GapKids along with Gap. So I’ve been working like a slave, just so my little man will never want for nothing.

Uhh..speaking of my little man. Dhani is growing up so fast. He currently plays T-ball and LOVES it. It bring nothing but joy to my face when I watch him practice with his teammates. School wise, he continues to amaze me with his intelligence.

Umm, this update is a lot tougher than I thought. Because not too much has been going on in the world of Erricka but I guess its just that I don’t feel like typing anything out. HA. I’m still keeping my natural hair in endless protective styles. I think when I find some more downtime I’m going to do a pictorial of allllll of my different hairstyles to date. LOL IDKΒ I just get bored with styles very quick and I’m always looking for something new to rock. Anywho, it seems as if TWISTS are my favorite go to proctective style! I mean I absolutely love them..whether they are 100% of my hair or with the use of marley hair or afro puff hair. They are so versatile and amazing !!!

I think thats the end of my update. I know I always promise to update soon but as of late I’ve been so freaking busy that I usually use my downtime for sleep. Anywho, I will try my best to post again within the next few days. I’m thinking of doing a post on the twist styles that I plan to execute in these upcoming months. So stay tuned and enjoy your Saturday!

Peace and LOVE ❀


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