Huge sigh of relief.

I feel so relieved. So motivated. Empowered, to do better for MY son. I’m so over his father wanting to just come and go as he pleases. So I laid down the law tonight and obviously it rubbed him the wrong way. It lead to false allegations and random speculation from an ignorant “grown” man. Apparently, I believe I’m better than his father and some other crap I dare not repeat because it’s absolutely ridiculous.
Never once have I denied him his rights, never once have I gave him an ultimatum. BUT, I did advise him that regardless of his decision to be a man or not…my life as well as my sons life WILL GO ON! <— that right there was the moneymaker. That caused problems, which in all honesty I don't care about. I'm not upset or surprised by his reactions. Instead I'm relieved. Relieved that I finally realized I can't make this man be a father. sigh
I’m like totally amped right now. I’m motivated to work a million times harder to provide for my pumpkin pie. This post was totally random, I guess it’s because I have no one to talk to at the moment besides WordPress lol.

But thats pretty much it. Moving on and moving up. Making these changes and leaving it up to GOD. I’m ready to walk down this new path…ya coming?

Peace & Love ❀


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