Hello June!

Hey all πŸ˜€
Happy June! Can you believe it? 2012 is halfway over? Wow!!

Anywho quick updates! I totally lost my glasses…pissed! I freaking loved those and I honestly hope they turn up and quick before I have to purchase some new ones.

My items from Shescentit arrived and man are they amazing!! I will do a review the same time I review my install. Which leads me to my next topic. I will be finally reviewing my install tomorrow! It has been three weeks and I wanted to give you guys the full details of this hurrr!!

Now I’m already planning my next install…I know crazy right? Lol which will be more of a tighter kinky curly! As soon as I find pics I will post them.

Any exciting news for you guys? Do share! Until next time!
Peace and ❀


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