Review Timeeee!

Hey guys!

Its that time again…yay! So I’ve had this hair in for about two weeks now and I think thats an adequate amount of time to post a review on my 12 in Bobraz.


Bohyme Brazilian Wave

Length – 12 inch one pack

Color- 2

Wefts were sealed and cut 😦

I have about a one inch leave out for my back and sides and about 2-3 inches of leave out in the front.

I was totally terrified when purchasing this hair because I have read both positive and negative comments about the quality, shedding, tangling and matting. However, I took the leap of faith and purchased one bag of 12 inch for about 108 dollars, shipping included. The hair arrived promptly and I sealed both sides of the wefts twice to help prevent shedding. I didn’t cowash the hair because it didn’t match my natural hair color and I hadn’t dyed it yet so I stayed straight.

I have a half sew in installed and I must say I love it. I love the versatility of the style, I can do a center part one day then switch it up and wear it as an updo. So far tangling has been at a minium and shedding only occurs when I wash the hair. For the first week, I had it in a braiding style with two french braids in the front and then the back was straightned. I then dyed my leave out and have been attempting to blend ever since. One thing I’m having issues with is my leave out. I have only done twist outs so far and my only problem is getting my leave out to lay flat. I’m thinking of attempting a bantu-knot out tonight and will post pictures of that tomorrow.

For now I have pictures of the hair upon arrival and my install before I dyed the hair. I think this will definitely be my signature style come fall because it is so natural looking and very easy to maintain.

Peace & Love ❀












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