Return of the Twists ☺

So as the summer is drawing to an end and the weather is slowly but surely getting colder I decided to revert back to my ever so favorite style: two strand twists!
I’ve noticed that I retain the most length when I have these in for about two to three weeks, reinstalling them about two or three times. So for this first round of twists I did medium sized twists using Shea butter and argon oil to twist with. I plan to wash my scalp once a week and moisturizer daily with shescentit lush butter (amazing) and sealing with my water and oil mix daily. I’ve also did some trimming in need be areas. On Sunday I plan on doing a cow ash using my organix macadamia oil conditioner and retwisting with my Shea butter and argon oil mix. I’ll most likely repeat this process until its time for my Havana twists appointment on the first…yippee 🙂

Pictures to follow…oh and also I’ll be reviewing the beauty mint series in my next post. Until then 😀


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