September has arrived!

Hello all,

Happy September! I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend. It’s quite gloomy here in Pittsburgh..but I mean what else is new. But I’m coming today with some exciting news regarding my latest protective style. I finally got to New York to get my Havana twists and boy were they worth the 11 hour drive (5.5 hours there and 5.5 hours back)

I initially fell in love with these twists after seeing a post about them on Curly Nikki. The girl was showing off these fat juicy twists that instantly caught my eye and I just couldn’t get off of curly nikki without finding out more about the twists. I researched like crazy on these twists, including the technique, hair used and the longevity of the style. But I was quite difficult because I was only able to find a small amount of pictures and or testimonies of people who have actually had the style. So after stalking Curly Nikki and the women who got the twists done as well, I decided to visit the site and immediately fell in love all over again. I booked my appointment and the rest was history.

My experience:

The salon is located in the Upper East Side of New York City. It was quaint and quite clean and professional. The ladies there were all very helpful and informative. It only took here a little over an hour to complete the style. She started by applying some oil to my scalp then used some of their own pomade as a leave-in then started parting sections of my hair. With each section she braided the hair then wrapped the braiding hair around the small braid to protect my hair. This technique creates the illusion that the twists are growing out of my hair. Once she completed all the braids, which about 25 or 26 braids in total, she wrapped small flexy rods around the ends and then dipped them in hot water. I was advised to wash my scalp about once a week and use some sort of oil/water mixture to keep the twists looking fresh. Also, the style is expected to last 3 months with a six-week touch up which consists of washing and re-twisiting the perimeter braids.

Overall I’m in love with my latest protective style which will last me until about Mid November. Oh and it was about 110 dollars including the tip and the hair, which is a great price if you ask me. Now on to the pictures:

– This is the picture that mad me fall in love with the twists. Beautiful right?

Here is a link to there tumblr page that has loads of information about the salon and other styles they do: & here is the link to there own site:

Let me know what you guys think? Happy Labor Day! โค






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