Senghori Shells Natural Rhythms Initial Review

Hey Yall!

So I’m finally getting around to making this post. I know I have been leaving little teaser’s for you guys regarding my latest and greatest “protective style”. Picking up from where I last left off, I know I was supposed to keep my mini twists in… but I get bored rather quickly and I wanted to try something new…something straight, for the fall.

The reason why I put protective style in parenthesis is because I did leave some hair out and have been straightening my hair.. well only twice now. Anywho lets get started…


About 6 ounces of Senghori Shells Natural Rhythms hair in a 16 and 14 inch in a color 1B with my perimeter left out.
Minimal Tangling/shedding

Senghori Shells:
So here is a short blurb about the hair…this was taken from there site.

“This beautiful texture was designed to match natural African American hair that has been blow dried or mildly relaxed. It has much more texture than our Relaxed Rhythms line and will appeal to those looking to add length to hair in its more natural state.

This hair is still 100% human and 100% Remy. It has been processed to achieve the relaxed texture. However, since the cuticles have been left in tact the quality remains superb!”

I’ve only had the hair installed for about a week and a half so I don’t think it’s quite the time for a review.

I shall return πŸ˜€


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