Guess who is back??

Okay sooo I’m pretty sure by now you all can tell how impulsive I am with my hair. I can never keep a style longer than 6 or 7 weeks and this time around I was only able to last about 3.5 weeks…
Le sigh..yes I did it. I took out the senghori shells natural rhythms. I just can’t get with straight hair anymore. It just doesn’t suit my face & was boring. So I’m placing that review on hold until 1) I invest in a new flat iron or 2) until I’m able to dull down the hair just a tad bit.
Until then I’m back at it with PS, especially since Pittsburgh winters are brutal. :-/
So today I’ve joined a three month long protective style challenge. the good hair blog is hosting it and it will last from November 19th – February 19th. I’m beyond excited to join this challenge. I’ve noticed my hair retains the most length when I continue to protect my ends.
Any who check out The Good Hair Blog for all the latest info on the challenge and other natural hair tips/tricks! You can also find her on Instagram and twitter @thegoodhairblog
I’m making it a point to constantly update you all on my progress! No slacking ! I’ll even attempt to do a few YouTube videos. πŸ˜‰

But it’s way past my bedtime, until next time! (Which will include a product review and updates on my life..sigh)
I’ll leave you all with a few pictures of Leo (my hair) she’s growing ever so fast.

Peace ❀





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