Natural Hair 101

Happy Sunday!

So I was getting ready to do my weekly DC, gearing up for this protective style challenge that begins on Monday… and I noticed that my ends were really dry and I had a lot of product build up. I just shrugged it off and thought maybe I applied a little too much because I could often have a heavy hand. Anyway, the next day I noticed the same thing had happened again. So it got me to thinking about the porosity of my hair. I belive I blogged about the test and the importance of knowing your porosity level of your hair a while ago. I dug up that old post, read a few more articles and decided to do the porosity test again. I plucked a few strands of hair, cleansed them really well and plopped them in a cup of water. 20 minutes had passed and low and behold that hair was STILL FLOATING…so I looked up the results of the test and came to realize that my hair was low porosity.

Of course I panicked, I naturally assumed all naturals had normal to high porosity so I thought my hair was weird or something was wrong with it 😦

I then stumbled across this post from curly nikki dedicated to low po divas like myself.

So I have decided to change my whole regimen because it clearly wasn’t working before. Time to start all over again.. le sigh. But I’m excited to make these changes because my hair was pretty parched no matter how much water I drake or how oftern I moisturized my hair. 😦

I shall keep you all posted on my progess, in conquering low porosity hair. Plus I have decided that my first style for the GHBPSC will be mini twists,  I have halfway finished my head so I will back once they are completed. 🙂

Until next time… peace and love ❤


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