Happy Thanksgiving !

Happy Thanksgiving guys !

I hope everyone’s bellies are full of goodies and are making new family memories. Be sure to give thanks and most importantly be thankful for everything you have and what’s to come πŸ˜€

I just wanted to show you guys my hair today. It’s day 4 of #TGHBPSC and I’m still rocking my medium mini twists. Today I did a quick steam treatment in the shower followed by a quick douse of hot water. I then applied SM coconut and hibiscus curl and style milk throughout my hair. I made sure to evenly distribute the product and squeeze out any excess water or product. I then followed with a dime amount of argon oil. I pulled my twists up into a messy bun and did like a freestyle flat twist in the front. How did you curlies rock your hair today?

Lastly, I’m getting my lists ready for this Black Friday madness. I’m only looking to buy some hair products, a steamer if and only if the deal is AMAZING and a few Christmas items. What’s topping your list this year? I shall return with a list of the things I purchased.

Have a great rest of your holiday guys ❀






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