Weekly DC routine

So it was time for my weekly DC and tonight I decided to use my Organix repairing awapuhi ginger instant recovery mask. I split my twists into 4 sections, and applied a nickel size amount of the mask to each section. I made sure to squeeze the product through every strand and redistributing the excess. I then put on my shower cap and applied some heat for a half an hour and then let it sit for an hour and a half.
I then rinsed that out with warm water and made sure to squeeze out the excess liquid. I used a cotton t-shirt to squeeze out any more liquid that I’ve missed.

Onto the LOC method. I’ve read somewhere that us low Po ladies need to seal with something acidic. So here is my trial LOC routine:
L= water/aloe Vera gel/ shescentit coco cream leave in condish
O= olive oil
C= Donna Marie buttercream

I applied each of these products evenly to each of my four sections. Lastly, I wrapped my twists Naptural85 style and put on my silk scarf followed by my bonnet and that’s it.

I’m excited to see how well this method works for my ends. This is also my first time using the buttercream and I must say I really enjoy the scent & consistency. I will definitely do a product review of this in a week or so.

Until tomorrow, off to do more research/reading/lurking.




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