Protective Style #2

Wellllll…guess what !? I’ve changed my hair. AGAIN! So I’m currently apart of the good hair blogs protective style challenge which is lasting until February 19th. My first protective style was mini twists, which I absolutely loved but I’m an impulsive person when it comes to my hair. Hairstyles don’t normally last longer than 6 or 7 weeks with me. I’ve decided to move on from my mini twists and install some marley twists for my second protective style. I purchased three packs of the Janet Collection Marley braiding hair for my local BSS and got to work. Overall it took me about 2.5 hours to complete which included a few breaks. I must say they were easy to install and I’m hoping to keep these for two weeks and then reinstall when I take my vacation the second week in December. Oh and I used the Qhemet Olive and Honey Hydrating balm to twist with. I’m not sure if I love that product just yet but it smells great!

I’m excited to see my growth after these three months. I’m also excited to see just how many different styles I go through!

Peace and ❀





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