Baby Daddy Blues

first and foremost I absolutely hate those two & daddy just yuck! But I couldn’t think of anything else so I put it…blahSo my sons father and I have been on again off again since 2004 & I’ve finally found enough strength to let it all go. However I instantly received backlash, bashing & DRAMA. I mean all the things you would expect a heartbroken female to do he did. Bashed me on social sites. Check. Keep some of my personal belongings hostage. Check. And even have the nerve to deny our monster….bless his heart. Even after all that I decided to forgive him and move on with my life. Things were cool for a while until recently my son went to visit and returned and everything was cool. Until the next day, I receive messages like “whenever I call I want my son” “you don’t have full control” “I can return him at any hour” …drama right !? Ughhhh I just am seriously at a dead end. I’m trying to move on and act as an adult but it’s so hard and very tempting at times to give in to the childish ways and just be biter and evil (even though that is not my nature by any means). But I can’t and I won’t. Grrrr…I sure know how to pick them. To be continued….


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