Steam Treatment #2

I think I really can get used to steaming my hair. Not only does it open up my cuticles so moisture rich products can penetrate, it also gives me a mini spa day. I absolutely love my Huetiful.

I haven’t gotten around to using the face steamer though. Once I figure it out ill give it a try.

I’m following up my steam treatment with Donna Marie’s super buttercream and then sealing it with qhemets olive and honey hydrating balm.

I also did a 15 minute scalp massage before my steam treatment using argon oil and man did that have my scalp tingling.

I’m hoping to take out my Marley twists this weekend and either reinstall them or get another PS altogether. Until next time ladies and gents ❀



3 thoughts on “Steam Treatment #2

  1. Thanks for this post. I’m contemplating getting braids but I wasn’t sure if I’d still be able to do steam treatments. So, I guess the heat from the steamer doesn’t affect or ‘burn’ the marley braid fibers?

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